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Look Inside



Somewhere along the way, on our escapade up to the top of the Hogsback mountains, we got a nail in our tire and so we had to get down to East London to repair the flat tire, and get the car serviced. We stayed at Areena Backpacker and ventured into East London to do our dirty work, and to pick up some art supplies. While driving around looking for the art shop we came across Marlene Neumann’s fine arts photography gallery and since we were really getting into photography and videography, we decided to check it out, and we were pleasantly blown away to find such a rare gem, and treasure chest of wisdom about all things artistic, photographic and spiritual.

Marlene has a unique way of expressing her art and self through her lens and dark room. She captures the way something makes her feel, and then she takes it into the dark room where the artistic process continues to bring out the nuances, and numinous, that was not obvious in the mere capturing of light frequencies. It’s all heart with Marlene Neumann, and she kindly allowed us into her space, and world, and this has really deeply inspired and influenced our approach to our own artistic expression, and healing process. Marlene’s advice to us is to “Look Inside!” She says that “within you, you will find all the answers that you need.”


‘Ur Special’ by SoulfulDrumKid

Bongani Mthimkulu

Another great musician for whom i have a tremendous amount of respect, Bongs and I became friends by one of the serendipitous meetings, we had a youth conference gig in Durban and our drummer bailed on us at the last minute and to ‘make up for it’ he gave me the number of another drummer who was ‘even better’ he gave me Bongani’s number. Unfortunately Bongani couldn’t help us out either on that one, well he wanted to but his manager refused, but he phoned me later and spoke with real sincerity thats very rare he said he liked my manner of speaking and dealing and wanted us to be friends đŸ™‚

And so thats how it started, we began working on music together, we bought a drumkit, started jamming with different artists, recording in our own studio, playing gigs and events, just having fun, and i grew to admire him as an artist and as a wise and soulful kid, drum kid… mad skills on the drums, keys, guitar, any instrument he can pick up… and also in production, it was an honor and learning experience for me to watch him put together “Bambelela” his debut album, house or soulful house, but with diverse flavours and influences and such talented people that he featured – one of my favourite albums of all time!

One day we went to the lake with some friends, guitars and hookas and we jammed some tunes and just had a fun, free, happy afternoon and after the sun went down we went back to the studio and he was deeply in some songwriting mode, the spirit was moving in him… he was downloading something big… i had never seen anyone write such beautiful and powerful, yet simple and catchy lyrics, and when he was done he disappeared into the studio and only emerged the next morning… “U Special” was born that night… its one of my fav songs, and i turn to it to lift my spirits and it never fails. Thanks to this song i really do feel special and beautiful!

Throughout the time i have known him he has always been playing for and serving the church and he continues to do so. His love for Christ is inspiring and the light in his eyes and the magic in his fingers makes me believe that Christ consciousness fills his heart to the point of outpouring. I remember the first time he came home and met my family he just amazed me with his confidence, care, and genuine warmth, and won everyone over – there were no racial barriers at all – he really connected with my mom. He’s a super cool guy, and one of my best friends. It was a pleasure to spend a fun day with him just tagging along, a day in the life of… SDK. I hope you enjoy it!