The outside world must enter your system via your senses and pass through all your perceptual filters and encoding and then you make sense and meaning out of it. The outside world is constantly giving you all kinds of information about all kinds of things, but most importantly those around you are telling you about yourself, your worth, your value, or what you mean to them, and you and others learn to identify yourself accordingly. The outside world is full of people communicating their confusion and suffering, perpetually wounding and traumatizing each other, and the next generation, hiding from the truth that they do not want to face, and many of them are incapable of facing, because it is so full of negative emotions and pain, that they cannot ever truly look at themselves and see what they are really doing, so they continue to project and externalize from themselves the negativity. There is love and beauty out there, but on the whole, the human world is, emotionally speaking, a very confused mess. Prior to all positive and negative conditioning there was, and still is, pure consciousness or Source energy.  This energy which flows through you and out into the world must first pass through your filters, and programming, and by the time it gets through to outward expression it is a very pale and limited and inhibited shadow distortion of what it should have been. You continue to communicate the limitating patterns of your parents and culture ad-nauseam until you realize:

…something is wrong… with me… or the world… or… ?”

Becoming aware of these emotions and working with them, that is, the surface level ones, is hard enough, imagine getting to grips with your background deeper underlying emotional patterning or social conditioning, and working your way through that! It is not easy – most people know something is wrong, they don’t feel good but they don’t know why and… they don’t know that they can do something about it.

They just continue stumbling through their problematic lives, oscillating from some unavoidable negative experience or state to some perceived positive experience or state and back again, over and over – never really at peace. Some realize their unhappy situation and begin a process of seeking, they are motivated to change things and so they try self help, or religious devotion, or whatever make sense to them and inspires them, and some of these things do help for a time, and they feel better and positive but eventually realize that they need help.

I don’t think i can do it on my own.”

It may look dark – like there’s no one you can turn to, no one who will understand, no one who will listen without judging you and making you look like a failure or a loser, or a ‘crazy cuckoo person’. Family are sometimes part of the problem but sometimes there is that special someone in your life, a mom, dad, uncle, aunt, cousin, someone who does get you and who you can confide in. Our friends should be able to listen to whatever it is we have to share but even amongst friends there might only be that one special friend who you can really open up to and confide in. God we were taught is always listening and always answers prayers, and is almighty and all powerful, but somehow

“…even god is not solving my problem for me. I pray, and beg and plead, but yet I’m still not happy… not at peace…”

There are professional psychologists and coaches but they tend to be expensive and it is difficult to find someone who really does have the knowledge, experience and talent for this kind of healing work. Some of the religious leaders and institutions  in our communities are geared towards helping people with personal problems, but even then one cannot assume that everyone of them is good at it, just because they find themselves in that position or role. Very few of them actually have once again the knowledge, experience and talent for this kind of real spiritual work. There are very few truly awakened masters alive in the world today and they would be great guides to help anyone through such things but there are also a few balanced people functioning in the everyday world in every society with higher consciousness and empathy, understanding and wisdom.

Why does it have to be soooo hard ?”

One of the things that makes it difficult and awkward to talk to people you know about personal problems is that it makes them feel strange, somehow compromised or vulnerable, and they are not equipped to deal with that ‘energy’… it scares them. That very same desensitisation and fear prevents them from recognising their own inner turmoil and emotional upheaval, and you may scare them because you give them a glimpse of their own hidden deeper emotional condition, and so they may close off and imagine that you are defective when in reality you are making a positive step. So even though it seems like you cannot really talk to anyone about these things there is always someone you can talk to. Life will not leave you without a door and a key to that door. If it is difficult it is only for the best possible reason, so that you do not remain trapped in a false sense of ‘normality’ or ‘comfort zone’… so that your soul is not caged but sufficiently motivated to break out.

You are not alone”

“Free, come set me free, down on my knees
I still believe you can save me from me
Come set me free, come set me free
Inside this shell there’s a prison cell”
Switchfoot – Free

So choose wisely but open up to someone, and start the process of conscious healing!

We can be free… anyone can heal, and everyone does, one way or the other, move forward, one slow little painful step after another. But wouldn’t you want to leap in the direction of bliss??? We can be free if we are willing to see… to truly see our-selves, into all our beauty and ugliness, with love and all the positive virtues and feelings, balanced by fear and all the negative states and emotions… a functioning guidance system – you can chart your way through life consciously! You can be truly free, but you have to want it, you have to see the dimensions of your cage and how you got in there in the first place! When your consciousness is not chronically troubled and disturbed by negative patterns of thinking and feeling, then you will naturally drift and artistically emerge into your inherent state… the pure state of consciousness… utterly free and serene… the love blissful disposition of the divine source of all that is.

That sounds nice doesn’t it?”

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