The pressure of suffering, or turbulent emotions forces us to become seekers. Outwardly we seem to be looking for something, looking for ‘truth’, and often caught up in the fervor of our search we do not realize that what we are really looking for is peace. We seek out some religious affiliation and identity that can get us somewhere, someday, but actually we are seeking the wisdom that can help us to solve the problem of our suffering. True wisdom about what is most important in life has come to us firstly via the primary source:

1. The Divine reaching down to touch mankind  { Religion }

As mankind developed under the influences of tribal, classical and reformist revelations so he developed in his capacities and propensities and in time certain humans themselves began to see themselves as sources of wisdom and divine light:

2. Mankind reaching up to touch the Divine  { Spirituality }

And as mankind further developed under the influences of these two modes of experiencing and transmitting divine wisdom, he awakened a third mode of understanding reality and himself a way of helping each other to solve the problems:

3. Man observing and understanding himself  { Science }

The teachings and sayings of great prophets and messengers, sages and mystics, have given us a kind of vision of this state of consciousness, this way of being. The messengers were the best of a particular people at a particular time and God spoke to them through symbolic intermediaries and speaks through them by inspiring them with His Word. The messengers must speak to all the people at all stages of the journey and so the Revelations use symbolism to describe in a way that we can appreciate the two opposite ends of this spectrum – on the one side is the dark pit of despair, the fiery chasms of hell, a suffering or torment that is consuming and inescapable, and on the other side beautiful gardens in which rivers flow and delicious fruits grow – to motivate people to avoid what is bad and do what is good. This, even though not yet conscious and based on understanding of the principles behind them, has a generally positive influence and engenders positive patterns of progress.

Gardens of perpetual bliss “

The sages and mystics are not like prophets and messengers in that they are not directly guided or inspired but they must work out their own way into divine consciousness, and become a channel for the divine light to flow through them, in a way that is different to the messengers. They must themselves chart their own course and overcome limitations and understand the process of their liberation, and so they are able to use more direct language and methods to describe the process, and in so doing help us to understand the symbolism of revelation and life. But our language is based on earth subjectivity and objectivity, on human history and describes things that we have perceived externally but also what we imagine inspire and intuit, it has also grown to describe our inner explorations. Those who unravel deeper mysteries and symbols of consciousness have also to upgrade our vocabulary to explain to us the journey and the ‘destination’. But even across the language barrier these saints and mystic sages have awakened in so many the divine light.

They paint verbal vistas for our imagination… “

Every authentic religious system also has its parallel mystical system. The Jews have the Kabbalists, the Christians have the Rosicrucians, the Muslims have the Sufis, the Hindus have the Yogis, and even Buddhism which seems so fully mystic also has its ritualistic adherents and its esoteric explorers. In every tradition, every place and time, there have been those who were not satisfied with the surface level of superficial interaction and conventional suffering, not even satisfied with the traditional religious rituals, observances and sensations, they are compelled by an inner motivating force, to wrestle with themselves and with life, delve deeper and rise higher to find their own meaning and purpose, in the world, consciously!

 How can we know what is our ‘meaning’ and ‘purpose’ ? “

These great saints and sages of each of these great religious traditions are unique, very different to other people around them. There is a depth, a beauty, a serenity, transcendent love blissful being that is very attractive, very intriguing and elevating, somehow uplifting. Inevitably if they do not withdraw but remain in community, people, students, initiates gather around them, who forsake all other ‘worldly’ pursuits and turn to the master because they recognize something in the wisdom and manner of the person. An awakened master teaches his students and out of them perhaps one or a few understands and awakens to some degree, and form the core disciples, and they go on to teach and it becomes a kind of spiritual academy… and so on and so on, down the generations, getting diluted along the way, but still expressing the original ideas. In this way the deepest wisdom and ‘secrets’ of higher consciousness have been transmitted down the centuries so that those who are ready to go deeper, or higher, can penetrate the symbolism with an understanding that links their everyday experience of external life with a meaningful inner world, and reconcile the troubled and disturbed, outer and inner suffering with what we know to be pervaded by love-blissful wisdom, and in so doing they draw closer to it not in proximity but in state, in being, they become channels of… expressions of love bliss!

Me? Love Blissful? Haa haa, you must be kidding!!! “

It may sound far fetched and unconventional, it may sound a bit strange to think that someone could change so radically as to not be the same person they were before. But if you think about it, people who are suffering in negative conditioning and patterning, should want to change, should want to transform themselves, and stop passing this terrible legacy on down the generations. We should all be aware, conscious enough to recognize it, in ourselves in others, and to dissolve it in the light of understanding, forgiveness, grace and eventually, one by one, we will become free and as we become free we will experience for ourselves what that freedom means and feels like, and looks like and we will each be transformed and help others and the world will be transformed, for you, for me, for every one.

So what the hell am I supposed to do ? “

Not everyone has access to the great saints and sages, they are few and far between. There are far more wanna-be gurus and ‘wrong numbers’ to the divine, operating in various communities intelligently preying on people’s sensitivities and feelings… one has to be careful not to give one’s time, energy, and money to such usurpers. But in the modern age science has come to the forefront and to a large extent has replaced many people’s ancient religiosity, superstitions and dogmas with a systematic scientific approach to solving problems that is often very effective but also often a little too mechanical and materialistic in the mainstream, especially when it comes to matters of the heart or psychological well being. But if one looks carefully one can find modern practitioners who blend scientific knowledge and methods with ancient spiritual wisdom and the principles underlying the revealed rules or laws. There are several healers and psychologists emerging who have that rare gift of distilling the guidance of revelation and the wisdom of the mystics into a modern science of Healing, which, thanks to the modern tools of technology, are more easily and more readily available to all. Just when people are beginning to take greater responsibility for their own state of consciousness and healing, the democratization of wisdom and divinity proceeds.

Anyone can heal! Anyone can be free!! Anyone can make progress!!!

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