This is where you can find relevant videos and material from subject matter experts in the field of psychology, that I will be posting from time to time to supplement and enrich the healing journey and process:


Laurence Heller: “Healing Developmental Trauma” using the Neuro Affective Relational Model


Bessel van der Kolk: “The Body Keep the Score”


Leslie Greenberg: “Emotion Focused Therapy”


Jordan Peterson: “Twelve Rules for Life” and “Maps of Meaning”


Bruce Ecker: “Unlocking the Emotional Brain” using Coherent Therapy and Memory Reconsolidation


James Hollis: “Creating a Life” and “Finding meaning in the second half of Life”


Nadine Burke Harris: “The Deepest Well – Healing the Long Term effects of Childhood Adversity”


Larry Cohen: “Playful Parenting”