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Later chapters delve into the Personal Unconscious and all that is twisted, repressed, unlived and patterned into the body, heart, soul and mind.



Pers Uncon head


Next we explore the Collective Unconscious or what we acquire from Instinct; Trauma; Culture and Archetypes.




Then we make the circle even bigger and climb higher to follow human progress and the influence of the Super Conscious through the lens of Evolution; Oracle; Cosmos; Symbol; Myth; Religion; God (and Devil); Spirit; Science; and Psychology.


5b-Cosmos pic


After all that mind boggling exploration the following chapter helps us to consolidate unify what we have just experienced with the principles of Balance…


7-balance tao2


… and Freedom…




And finally we look at all that we humans have together created as an expression of our cumulative wisdom and efforts, in Collective Consciousness.




The Book will be available from 22 November 2018, but if you’re interested you can request the Preliminary Version which I have shared with friends and professionals in order to get some feedback and improve the material.