I Live & I Love

You have to bring what you fetched from your own inner world out into the outer world. You have to carry over into the normal everyday world the light of consciousness that you liberated in your quiet silent contemplation. You have to find in the outer world that counterpart or counterpoint of your inner longing for freedom. Life will not leave you without opportunities for healing and growth and you have to recognize those and even though it is difficult and outside your comfort zone you have to recognize those opportunities and put yourself out there, do the thing that is difficult and scary and find that it sets you free from some or the other limiting tendency or misconstruation of reality or yourself. That is what is meant by communing with the Divine. Prayer is a way of becoming conscious of your divine potential and is the beginning of communion but is not itself communion. It is when you are able to read life and understand what it is trying to say to you, and when you can respond and change and take the opportunities then you are talking the language of love!!!

It is a beautiful cyclic process, an ebb and flow… at the end of your day you then carry back into your private personal meditative space the fruits of your day of being out in the world and having the world reflect back to you the external perspective or projection of you. In your inner world you find the counterpart or counterpoint of the outer world. You also take all the negativity and suffering and dissolve it in the light of understanding and compassion, forgiveness and universal love. You purify the earth realm by a small portion.

The earth realm is designed to help us and is constantly always imbued with love and infinite intelligence to guide us. There is a wide spectrum of souls who choose or are compelled to have the earth experience and so everyone is at a different stage of the journey, and there are a few categories of people, or stations along the way.

Pets and domesticated animals are gradually introduced to interaction with humans and the compliance with human requirements and routines, and moods and interests, general life.

Then there are people who have only begun the human journey and are still possessed of very animal animal tendencies. They have not yet developed the capacity and mental machinery for proper social and cultural life and so they tend to be destructive, hurtful, abusers, and psychopathic, sado-masochists and the like.

There are a great many who have already developed the basic tools and are capable of social and cultural and in due course religious life. The vast majority of this type are not yet ready for the hard work of consciousness and so they remain in  sheltered cocoon of consoling comforting experience and outlook. They enjoy the comforts and luxuries of life, or are occupied with the distractions and entertainments. A separation is created between them and the suffering, which is very much theirs, but they are not ready to look at and begin processing and so things are arranged such that they can continue to live in a state of minimal suffering, by having this material relegated to the personal and collective unconscious. Their religious life, prayer and ritual, open them up to the spirit, or the deeper essence, and they begin to think, and to question, and to feel, and to have a more real sense for what is going on.

Then there is the next category of souls who have transcended the cultural religious phase of development and have has sufficient life experience and have developed the capacity for self regulation, self discipline, and detachment to enable them to turn their attention to the personal and collective unconscious and to begin to work their way back into it and through it, to clear the mind and heart so that the light of pure consciousness can shine once again. These people in order to transition from the enjoyment of the physical reality to the awareness and transcendence of its inherent limitations, must experience varying degrees of suffering, in order to recognize the deeper nature of the earth realm, analogous to the deep dark, pressure of churning, burning molten core. This motivates them to do whatever is necessary to transcend the earth realm, they are motivated by a strong urge or desire to end suffering and to bring peace to themselves and the world. They are motivated to look at them selves and what they are doing, to look at their behavior, thoughts and emotions, and to recognize their limitations and limiting fixations, patterning, and operating system.

Finally there are those who have cracked through the prison shell and emerge as conscious, free, love-blissful beings, and they become channels of the divine energy and wisdom, they become teachers and servants of mankind. In the world they gather followers and devotees, students and disciples, they become known as saints, gurus, prophets etc. Some of these come to the earth realm in order to teach and help and serve and so are already priorly established in the pure love-blissful state, and it does not take them a long time to establish themselves int he human domain as that, and become attractors of those who ready for awakening and transcendence. But there are many who are working their way into that state, who are realizing their way into that condition, and they suffer, struggle, along the way, they fall back into lesser forms of energy manipulation and enjoyment, they fall back into distraction and entertainment, but then they rise again into awareness, they eventually choose to stop falling, to stop contracting, to stop doing the things they have been accustomed and habituated to doing, and they embark upon a completely new journey, one that is radical and hard to imagine… the awakening to a new dimension of being… that is not characterized by the separative mentality of this present earth realm.

But working through the earth realm is a divine intelligence and wisdom that is ever active and responsive working with every single person to help them to grow from step to step, stage to stage, realm to realm. This being, or these beings, knows what life situation and life experience would best suit any given individual and they are always shaping our life and world, experiences and relationships to help us to grow beyond our illusions, so that we are motivated to emerge from the confines of the cocoon and spread our wings.

Living a conscious life is about taking responsibility for what is happening, and how you are feeling, for your current modes of energy manipulation and enjoyment, and for your general state of consciousness and starting to change, to transform yourself accordingly. You must be able to observe yourself, read life and speak to God in the language of taking the opportunities that he puts in front of you, and accepting the situations he puts you in, and working with Life, not constantly wishing for life to conform to your requirements and desires and demands. Those kinds of prayers are symptoms of a naive religiosity and spirituality. Life is alive of God! Life is a collective projection of all our separative limiting states and forms, but imbued essentially with God energy. The more you open up to the God of Life and Now and Here, the more you will experience synchronicity, serendipity, life lessons, trial and tests will reveal their beauty to you. You will be true to your self and you will love yourself, and then you will transcend… and have no attachment, no desire no compulsion to return, to fall back into the earth separative experience, except of course as a teacher or healer.





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