Let’s Talk

We all go through rough patches and tough times in our lives:

Maybe you find yourself in a new environment and all the familiar old landmarks and people, family and friends, resources and comforts are not there for you anymore, and so you’re feeling a little isolated and have nobody to talk to?

Maybe you’re going through a crisis and you feel overwhelmed by a sense of despair. Things have not worked out the way you had hoped and dreamed, the way you were taught and conditioned to expect, and now you feel lost, and now you’re questioning all your core beliefs and axioms?

Maybe you’re in a transition phase. Your life and work are at a crossroads and you feel a compulsion to stick to the old and familiar, but also an irresistible inner urge to do something new, and different, and bold?

Maybe you’re caught in the grip of powerful emotions, or patterns of chronic emotional implosion or explosion, and this is affecting your relationships with your partner, and your children, or with your friends and work colleagues?

Maybe you’re overcome by symptoms like fatigue, stress, irritability, confusion, possibly even self-harming ideas and actions, like suicidal and cutting behavior, and you wonder if you may be depressed, borderline, or bipolar?

Maybe you’re a creative/artistic/spiritual person who has never been able to explore these aspects of your personality and ability because of family and cultural pressures to conform, and now you want to, but you don’t know how?

Maybe you lost someone, perhaps there was a death in the family: a parent, partner or child; or maybe a painful parting of ways: separation or divorce and this has shattered you and you don’t know how to put the pieces back together?

Maybe you are experiencing difficulties in your relationship with your partner and it feels like you are locked in a perpetual struggle and battle, a cycle that feels like a never ending roller coaster, or else just no spark and no connection?

Maybe something happened in your past, that has distorted your personality and self, perhaps trauma/abuse/neglect/accident and you feel it has affected you in some way, but you don’t know how to “let go” and “move on”?

Maybe global conflict and personal tragedy has caused you to question the root assumptions of the religion you were brought up in, and the existence of God and whether there is any purpose and meaning to life?


There are so many ways in which we suffer and it’s not something to be ashamed of. You are not alone. Almost everyone goes through some these periods of stuckness, suffering and confusion, but most just suffer in silence and don’t ever reach out. Sometimes it is possible to heal, on your own, with patience and time, and these challenging experiences enable us to grow. But sometimes it’s just too much trying to go it alone, and no matter what we do and try, we just can’t seem to cope and get our heads above water. We know that we need help but it feels like there’s no one to turn to. No-one who can really take the time, to listen, and understand, without judgement and criticism. We are scared to open up because we will feel like a loser or failure.

A trained and skilled counsellor, coach or psychotherapist does not have all the answers and is not going to fix all your problems, but has the knowledge and experience to accompany you, and hold the space for you, and guide you as you:

  • Navigate your way through this rough terrain
  • Map your conscious and unconscious zones
  • Have your own insights and realizations
  • Recognize the meaning in your experiences
  • Put down the baggage and Heal the wounds
  • Un-condition yourself and De-program your mind
  • Explore your guiding symbols, myths and archetypes


As a therapist/coach I blend elements of the following approaches:

  • Jungian Depth Psychology with Archetypes
  • Emotion Focused Therapy
  • Coherence Therapy with Memory Re-consolidation
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • The Neuro Adaptive/Affective Relational Model


Depending on what you need and prefer we can spend some time talking or we can work together in a collaborative way towards healing, balance, and freedom. You will learn so much about yourself in the process, and about human nature, and you will be assisted in interpreting and implementing these learnings and realizations in your normal everyday life, with exercises and practicals, so that your life can become a reflection of who you really are, and you can be feel more in tune, aligned and alive, more relaxed peaceful and joyous, more fully you.