I’m traumatized !!!

im traumatized

What happens when someone is traumatized?

Their sense of proportion has been swung out of balance and their sense of boundaries have been distorted and destabilized… and in some cases – that of daily constant exposure to anger (mainly directed at your immediate family members) and at times exposure to real trauma and the sheer utter distress and horror of physical, emotional and sexual abuse, and the similarly devastating post traumatic stress disorder, where the person tries to reconcile within themselves what happened to them and all the strange and disturbing emotions that it stirs up, and the web of expectations that work somehow to silence any expression of the wrongness of the deed… any emotion!.. its all very confusing, especially for children and then you can begin to understand how people get so messed up, almost every human being is somewhere in that spectrum of messed up. We’re all messed up and you wanna know what?

cycle-of-abuse male

Genetics, or what we inherit genetically from our parents, has very little to do with it and nurture and what we experience from our parents and care givers in behaviour, thoughts and emotions has far more to do with it! To see the patterns you are repeating you have to be sufficiently detached from your presumed self, or the meat puppet staring back at you in the mirror, you have to be capable of recognising patterns and linking them to processes at work in our world, in our minds, in our behaviour.

im traumatized 2

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