You can if you so choose, ignore the signs and symptoms which your body, your relationships, your emotional guidance system, and life are giving you, and continue in the same habitual routines and patterns, and where do you think that will lead?

It will result in more of the same and worse. Your suffering will only increase and you will withdraw into a lonely state of seclusion within your suffering, and slowly become more and more consumed by your repressed unconscious quagmire, subsumed in a shadowy realm, where everything is uncertain and nothing makes sense, the slow spiral staircase, down down down to the deep dark pit of despair.

But there are many distractions and so you will avoid and hide, and pretend, and entertain, and addict, and every other avoidance strategy until they all collapse and one day you find yourself staring into the abyss. You don’t have to wait for that day, you don’t have to hide from your shadow, you don’t have to be afraid of being afraid, or any of the other so-called negative emotions. You can reclaim your ability to use your emotions positively and this requires you to firstly face the signs and symptoms and turn and face what you have been running from all along. Its not what you think…


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