I Create

Not everyone has that exceptional talent to make works of art and masterpieces but many of us are creative and can express ourselves artistically in one or some of many different ways. Great artists have innate talent but they also work hard at their craft honing their skills and perfecting their technique and so are able to create marvelous works that truly inspire. Many of us don’t have the natural talent and don’t have the time to work at improving and developing but yet we produce art, our own kind of art… we feel drawn to express ourselves in this way, we feel the impulse to create and when we do we feel more our selves, more true to our nature, more beautiful and more at peace.

There are so many different ways, there’s sketching, painting, poetry, creative writing, free writing, songwriting, playing and instrument, improvising, sculpting, carving, woodwork, crafts, pottery etc etc. Even sports can be played artistically. Those who really create inspiring and meaningful art that touches the heart are those who have struggled and suffered, and wrestled with life, and the unconscious, and who found healing in expressing the inexpressible somehow, they transform the dark nightmares into artworks and they free themselves from the grip, the charge, the weight, the limitation, of the negative forces that continue to operate in the conscious, subconscious and unconscious parts of the psyche.

The first step is to seek, out there, what inspires you in Nature and Life, in music, art and relationships. Also serve others, do something kind for someone, selflessly and for no other reason that it makes them happy and it makes you happy. Get up early, climb a hill, and watch the sun rise, go for a drive out of town, stop somewhere watch the sun set. Go for a hike and spend time with tall tall trees, visit the ocean and sit by the beach and listen to the waves and the sizzle of the tide rushing up the sand to your feet, and the feelings, sounds, and visuals… take it all in, unite with it deeply, breath it into your bones, awaken it in your heart, so that you can return there in spirit anytime you like. Plant these seeds in the deep dark fertile soil of your unconscious.

Then when you feel the impulse to create, the seed grows and emerges into consciousness dimly, vaguely, you feel it, you feed it, you nurture it, intimations of a beauty stirring, of a wisdom rising… words, lines, melodies, ideas, visions… you give it attention, time and space to grow, when it is ripe you will feel the urge to bring it out… you retreat into your creative space, and you take up your pen, or pencil, or paintbrush, or guitar, and you play. Sometimes it flows effortlessly, sometimes you work hard at it, you squeeze it out, but however it comes you don’t stop until you have shaped it in the way you feel its beauty. Maybe you leave it alone for a while to breathe, maybe you then return to it, over and over and refine it and complete it, maybe you leave it as is, undone but somehow more complete in its incompleteness.

Experiencing art especially music can have a very therapeutic effect, and so you can imagine that creating art  must also be a healing and cathartic process. It makes use of the power of the mind and heart, without necessarily having to understand and feel through everything that you are expressing, but you find that during the artistic expression as you pour out this subtle essence, you feel so aware… conscious, and afterwards you feel so light and relieved like a weight was taken off your heart, and you feel more at peace, your feel the turbulence has settled somewhat, the mind is more clear and attuned… the heart is more open and receptive.


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