After spending enough time on the emotional roller coaster, and exhausting all the opportunities for distraction, after becoming aware of your inner state, your primary and general disposition, and the effect that it is having on your life and your family and friends, you will eventually either choose or be compelled to do something to begin the healing process.

For many this recognition, that traumatic experiences or old wounds have settled into habitual patterns which are ruling your life and limiting you from living a joyous and inspiring life, is not easy for various reasons. But once you recognise these patterns and trace them back to the wounds, you start a process of reclaiming yourself, regaining consciousness of your innate beauty, but it is not easy, and takes time and perseverance to see actual gains, real positive changes. But once you begin this journey there is no turning back… there will be failures and setbacks along the way, but there is always a willingness to learn and to change, and so its one step back and two steps forward.

You do not have to understand everything and you do not have to be able to explain and describe it, but in your quest to be healed, to be whole, you will need to learn the art, science, or wisdom of healing that collective human history and efforts have developed. No one has all the answers and there is no easy way to go, no magic pill, no simple cure for this thing, issue, problem, challenge, disorder, condition, call it what you want but the truth is that it is what we all are here to collectively and individually do… heal! We may seem to have various other activities, ambitions and purposes but the highest aspiration anyone could have is to be free, to be blissful.

If you look at the world today most people seem to be very busy and when they are busy they appear to be quite stable and normal, but thats mainly because they are so focussed on the externalised activities of their working day, that they remain unaware of the limiting habitual patterning and the internal and external suffering. The civil and controlled interaction of their personas belies the dysfunctional relationships and the turbulent forms of communication they default to… the shattered fragmentary consciousness we are trying to patch up and hide from. Some channel their excessive imbalanced energies so powerfully that they appear outwardly very successful, particularly in the corporate, political and religious spheres, highly charged ego maniacs become CEOs, presidents and church leaders and become adapt at manipulating people and systems to rise and control. They are often very intelligent and they work themselves very hard, and push other hard too, and appear to be icons of success in the modern world, and what everyone should aspire to, and many do!

But these types eventually burn out when they have tasted everything that the high life of money, luxury, power, and prestige have to offer, they feel not merely an emptiness, but for some it feels like the abyss opens up and swallows them whole. The power of intelligence was misappropriated for so long that they do not and cannot use it for what it was actually intended. They turn to doctors and symptom masking medicines to deal with their suffering, but even these cannot bring them real healing and inner peace. It is only when all the conventional options are exhausted, all the distraction, soothing, and pacifying fails that people turn firstly to a higher source, and then are gradually motivated and encouraged to look within… to their own depths… for the keys to the locks…

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