Guidance System

Just like a jumbo jet has a guidance system, a pilot and a control center to ensure that it navigates clear of danger and deals with challenges and ultimately arrives at its destination, similarly you have an internal guidance system, and you are the pilot and you have access to a control center to ensure that you get to your destination. But unlike an aeroplane you are not going somewhere. It is not a physical destination you are aiming for. People have various conceptions of their purpose and the meaning of their lives and they may refer to things they want to achieve and success at their career objectives and ambitions, but ultimately people want to be happy. Many will be willing to settle for contentment, or even less than that but some will tell you there is so much more to life than what we have thus far created, or envisioned…

We are all manageable chunks of the total problem…”

Many many people are trapped in negative emotional routines or at least prone to falling into such negative states very easily very often. Sometimes they experience temporary but ephemeral happinesses but the general tone of their lives is a dull drone, punctuated by suffering, and occasional glimmerings. Their thoughts are a jumble of past regrets and expectations unmet and future plans and expectations, their emotions are turbulent and troublesome, and they cannot seem to lift themselves out of anxiety, or sadness, grief, anger, shame, guilt, depression, etc etc or combinations thereof. So they seek distraction and excitement anything to help them focus externally and forget their suffering, but also provide some outlet and release of the pent up frustrations and pressure. Some people need more than that, they need a thrill to give them the sense that they are still alive.

I want to feel like I’m alive…”

Their thinking minds have been misappropriated and they struggle to turn the light of their intelligence to their turbulent emotions… to illuminate the deep dark pit of despair. They are scared of what they will find if they do. Actually most just want to avoid the ‘negative’ bad feelings and how it somehow seems to cast a dark shadow over them and makes them look weak, like a failure, or a loser, somehow broken, wrong, problematic etc etc. Rather than move closer to their destination they are spiraling down in perpetual cycles, like the sands of the hourglass, shifting from one empty chamber to another…

A great deal of intelligence has gone into the design of the human being, in all its facets and dimensions, process and systems, from what we call body, heart and mind to what we imagine as soul and spirit all has been superbly designed to enable progress towards the ultimate goal of human existence… But at a certain station along the epic journey of evolution the intelligence that is inherently pre-programmed for minimizing suffering must transition into one that is consciously applied and this is precisely the nature of the human drama. Humans must become not merely another expression of the benevolent activity of that intelligence but rather become directly expressive of that intelligence, it is expressed through them, and in due course they express it. But intelligence itself is also not the destination. Many people are very intelligent yet very unhappy. Many psychopaths and CEOs and presidents also show great intelligence but they cause so much unhappiness. Through using intelligence wisely they become benevolent themselves… they become divine beings!

We must use our intelligence to solve our personal problems, we must use our intelligence to make us happy and to make others happy, we must use our intelligence to understand our body (organism), heart (emotions) and mind (thinking) and spirit (love blissful infinitudes unimaginable).

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