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Soul Retrieval



The reason we chose to start our healing adventure in Hogsback was because of a Facebook friend’s enigmatic pictures. There was something there, something in the soft hazy magical beauty of the forest, something about her wild wolves, and the piercing serenity in her eyes, and so as soon as we got there I made contact with Lyn, and we arranged to meet and discuss her Shamanic Healing Journeys.

We met at the Butterfly Bistro, for tea and a chat, she came with her wolves, but they waited patiently in the car, while we consulted about our need for healing as a family. Meeting her was like meeting someone familiar, someone you have known a long time. She invited us to her place for a healing ceremony.

It was a rainy day and we didn’t know what to expect but Lyn guided us through the process. It’s quite simple actually, after blessing the ceremony, and playing the drums and calling on the great spirits to guide us, you lay down and relax and then she goes on an imaginal vision journey to find your lost parts. It’s called Soul Retrieval and what she brought back for you opens a new way of self understanding understanding and communion with the unconscious and one’s spirit guide or guardian angel, if you prefer, working with symbols that have the potential to energise and awaken. It was fascinating how these ‘lost parts’ intermingled and amplified the symbols that my Active Imagination had produced during the Individuation course, and how this then flowed into my artistic creative outpouring. The night after soul retrieval I was thinking about my symbols while falling asleep and I had this kind of lucid dream in which a shark dived deep and then rose and emerged from the dark water, a beautiful majestic colourful energetic bird. I started painting this…


Soul Retrieval



Freedom, Healing, Individuation, Psychology

Active Imagination



With Anja van Kralingen

At the Centre for Applied Jungian Studies, Jhb, South Africa

I have always been intrigued with Carl Jung’s psychology but over the past few years I found myself drawn deeper into his work, as I found explanations for things that have always perplexed me, about myself and other people, and coming to the core or essence, I realised that I needed to get a grip on what Individuation is. I made this commitment to myself and literally the next day a friend posted on Facebook about this course called the “The 12-Step Individuation Program”.

I read through the ad and it was perfect! I loved the way they described Individuation. I could tell that these people really know Jung, and know what they are talking about, and most importantly, the name of their website and centre is “Applied Jung” with the emphasis and focus on applying what you learn about Individuation to your life, not to just talk about it, or read about it, but to learn skills and develop tools, to actually Individuate, to really expand your consciousness and your vision about who you really are!

One of the most fascinating things I discovered is that the Unconscious is alot more accessible than I thought, and that it is constantly communicating with us through dreams, imaginations, and the synchronicities and experiences of our lives, to tap into those aspects of ourselves that have been repressed, unlived, distorted and twisted, and to energise these dormant lost parts of ourselves to find out who am I apart from who everyone wants me to be, and what everyone expects of me?

What do I want? Where do I want to be? What is most important to me?