If you could imagine Heaven or Nirvana or any other goal of material, religious or spiritual life… what would you imagine it feels like? Everyone is striving towards some goal, and almost always they describe it in terms of outer attainment of some thing, person, object or place. When you have ‘made it’ or ‘succeeded’ in the challenge and achieved your goal, what do you imagine that would be like? What would you be like?

What would you feel ?”

You know from experience that when you achieve something it feels good, it makes you happy. When you get something you really wanted, or when you get someone you really wanted, that is to say, you fall in love, or you have a baby… or you do something that brings you reward and fame etc. these things make us happy even bring us deep and lasting joy but ultimately the joy fades. The car eventually gets old and is not as smart as other newer cars, and starts giving trouble and possibly breaks down and then it is a source of sadness and stress. When you fell in love you and your partner became temporary versions of your best selves, and temporarily were only looking at the best in each other and ignoring all the other aspects of each other’s personality and psyche, but eventually when the romantic phase wears off and you settle down into normal life, living together, you see each other’s shadow side, and inevitably the egos clash, and soon you are arguing, fighting, over who knows what and you become a source of anger and stress to each other. After you get that promotion the work load increases, you find you have less time for yourself and family, more work, more stress. The delicious spicy tandoori chicken which you enjoy, after a while, brings you some discomfort and pain. Everyone swings elastically from positive to negative states…

How can I be truly happy?”

This physical world has many joys and beauties but it was never designed to make you happy and keep you happy. It was designed to help you learn about all the things that are preventing you from experiencing your inherent source condition. It was designed to show ‘you’ to your ‘self’ to reflect ‘you’ or project ‘you’ to your ‘self’. The philosophical conundrum of evil is based on the assumption that creation caused the problem but in reality creation is the consequence of the problem. This physical dimension is perfectly exquisitely crafted in its every detail to facilitate the progress, evolution, and transformation individually and possibly finally also collectively. There are many myths that describe different aspects of the problem – creation – problem and these are complicated and obscure but what we can do is describe the problem in terms of our everyday to day human earthly experience of it.

We are all just manageable chunks of the problem”

There are around 7 billion people on this planet, and that is a measure of how finely the collective chunk needed to be sliced in order to facilitate growth and dealing with the problem or dissolving suffering. The human brain is a collective functioning organ with around 100 billion independently living cells. The planet earth is teeming with life of all kinds and it is estimated that there are approximately 60 quadrillion (million x billion) creatures sharing the planet with us. There are around 600 billion stars in our Milky Way galaxy, and approximately 47,000 galaxies in our super cluster.


When you look at it from that perspective your definition and concept of “I” starts to change. Who am I? What am I? When did I begin and when does I end? Your limited view of yourself is shattered and the parts of it scatter to the ends of the Universe! You already are a collective… you are the collective consciousness of trillions of cells living together in a communal planet called “I”. You are vaguely aware that you are part of a greater collective called the human species, but only gradually and rarely does your sense of allegiance extend that far. At first you only have a certain amount of ‘love’ for your immediate family… this gets expanded to include extended family and friends, and then through race, religion, nationality etc. you extend further your allegiance and include a wider sphere of people who can share, in a diminishing sense, of your ‘love’, your feeling for another. The majority of people cannot extend their sense of allegiance and their ‘love’ feeling to encompass all human beings, or all mankind. Most are still very fixated on their own individual, family, racial, religious and nationalistic boundaries and are willing to justify the poverty and killing of others who are not like them in any of these superficial ways.

There is nothing in the world quite like Love!”

When you are in love you are the best that you can be. You are happy and free! You feel accepted as you are, you feel validated, your self esteem rises and floods your heart and head with a kind of euphoria that you and this person share and you want to make them happy, you want to make them smile and solve their problems and spend time with them and do stuff together. Most relationships cannot sustain this initial high and eventually sooner or later will fall either into a toned down version that is still characterized by care and affection, but most degenerate into varying degrees of hostility. Even the beautiful unconditional love of the parent child relationship in most cases deteriorates into a struggle. But somewhere along the way you have, or you are given, a glimpse of Bliss. And the truly meaningful glimpses are to do with love, or your capacity to sustain unconditional love! When you are IN Love! It is not a conditional emotion to be given or withheld, it is not a bodily sensation to be felt, it is an expansive transcendent consciousness that is allowed to shine… a dormant faculty that is stirred and wakened… a shimmering glimmering glimpse of your inherent essence and spirit!

Imagine all the people… sharing all the world…”

Imagine for a little while that you could unrepress your shadow material, express properly and thereby stabilize your deeper and surface level emotions and thereby transcend your egoic fixations and overcome your limited and limiting view of your self and other, and become conscious about using your body, heart, mind and spirit effectively to help yourself and other people… Imagine expanding your sense of allegiance to encompass all of mankind, and then all of the planet Earth! Imagine having pure unconditional love for all beings on this planet… and… the whole Universe?!? You would be a whole new kind of you… a love blissful being! There have been people who have lived on Earth who have shown us that such a thing is not only possible but is the very goal of existence!

It is your purpose and what you are here to do!”



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