Background Deeper Emotions

background deepr


How are you?

Deeper than the surface level of emotions is the background underlying emotional state so deeply embedded that you cannot even recognize it as an emotion, it is more like the sub stratum of your personality. Parents, family, caregivers, and teachers all of them victims of the same conditioning have reinforced in you these feelings, ideas, or beliefs from a very young age. Many people are traumatized meaning they experienced abuse of various kinds, physical, sexual, emotional, mental, and if this is prolonged and sustained, it creates a warped twisted sense of self, with low self esteem, low self worth, inability or difficulty with trusting /connecting with others which all gets mistaken as your personality.

Those who get a very good, positive, loving foundation in their first few years of life, from parents and caregivers will generally appear to have high self esteem and confidence, but yet they will be prone to similar conditioning and trauma later in life. even though it will affect them less they will still be able to relate to many of the below issues:

background deepr emos

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