Breath of Life

3 thoughts on “Elixir

  1. The qualities that we now manifest were attained slowly in infinitesimal degrees, and represent the pinnacle of the evolution of this collective spirit, this living earth, a cosmic jewel, and the human being its beauty and radiance and refinement. But simultaneously its greatest nightmare… why is that? because it is in this human phase that the transition is made from the animal and for that matter the physical reality! The collective unconscious the source and repository of suffering is being processed and healed and more and more souls are being liberated into formless bliss… many beings are working from formless bliss… the Source of all being into this realm to liberate more and more… to guide one and all, to co-create the most marvellous stage… the theatre of the waking dream! Faster than i can perceive and made out of an energetic ‘substance’ that you cannot see, they help you shape your destiny, they collaborate in the higher sense of the word to bring about mutually beneficial opportunities, or rather, opportunities for balance to be restored! And the only way it can be restored is by passing the opposite polarity through you, through your mind and heart!

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