“Secrets of the Human Brain” by the History Channel


Wow! Just when i become interested in the human brain i stumble across this superbly written and filmed, edited and sculpted into an engaging thoroughly entertaining, spell-binding unravelling of the inner workings of the human brain… and did i mention intelligent? Wow!

This is cutting edge insights into the way it functions, the most complex thing in our world, well in our universe for that matter. Evolution is also unravelled at the same time, implicitly, through an appreciation for the structure of the brain, and more specifically its development stages, and its present functioning. It’s reptilian, mammalian, ape, and human brains, depicts far more accurately than any creation myth, the challenge facing the human species or individual human’s who strive to be… free… I am not free, but i want to be free, but i cannot make myself free no matter what i do, but when i let go and…

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