Forbidden Fruit



One thought on “Forbidden Fruit

  1. I sketched this piece quite a few years ago when i was still a student and it got buried under many books and volumes, but i rediscovered it at a time when i am grappling kind of philosophically with the question of Creation and Evolution, and Adam and Eve, and satan or the devil, the snake and the forbidden fruit. They say a picture says a thousand words, and this one explained intuitively artistically, at a time when i dimly understood such vast subjects, the balance between good and evil, and the choice, or the i in the trigger, the “temptation”… if you really take a logical look at it, you will be confounded by contradictions like, “why did God forbid eating the fruit of the tree of knowledge and why did satan encourage it?” and “why did God create evil?” but rather if we take the evolutionary perspective the mythology resolves into focus, we see in the demon the animal nature, and we see in the angel the spiritual nature! And we see in the fruit the product of thousands of eons of evolution… the human mind, the human choice, the human capacity and yearning for freedom!

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