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Dream Chaser



Mr Mo is always full of life and laughs, always brightens up the room and your world, and leaves you feeling bigger and better and somehow fuller, that’s the magic of this guy, and that’s why I call him an artist. The music and the melody, that flows naturally from his soul… he was born to shine, a legend… an urban legend.

Happy-sad goodbyes, and some parting words and inspiration that we wanted to share with everyone… heres to the dreamers and the dream chasers.

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Intro Version



Hi guys

Welcome to my website and book.

It’s just over a year since I started drawing and writing it and now I’m really excited to share i12bf3. It’s usually the case, after these kind of travel adventure quest thingies, that there’s so much inspiration, and an outpouring of ideas, and creative expression. Towards the end of the journey I remember coming back from the beach one day and having this simple realisation that would prove to be the seed and starting point. The realisation was this, that the first “I” awareness, the first level of consciousness of self, is the sensation, or feeling, of pleasure or pain. In that direct feeling, that happens to me and me alone, that only I can feel, and that I either enjoy or hate, in that personal experience, is my first primal awareness of myself.

I like to start any exploration from First Principles so that you the reader can take it, and make it your own, as we build higher principles on a solid foundation, you don’t have to take my word for anything, you don’t have to believe, or trust me, but rather you, the reader, share the journey, the genesis of the ideas, and the process of unravelling the mysteries of what trauma does to us, and how to heal, and what really makes us tik and tok, and sometimes go BOOM!!!

This approach means that it takes a little longer to get to the heart of the matter, but its well worth the wait, and well worth the effort of understanding what is “I” first before we look at how to heal, how to change the conditioning and patterning of body, heart, soul and mind.

I have made the first few chapters available for you to read and see if it’s something that interests you. It is a labor of love, and a work of art, which I hope will help you along your journey of Individuation and Healing, and help you as you guide others to those wonderful things, bringing peace and joy and the fullness and beauty of life and love.

I look forward to hearing from you!



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Along the way we met some truly gifted musicians, we encountered the Baha’i Youth on the beach singing:

Fear not abasement, be not sad if poverty overtake thee, for Glory shall one day rest on thee… These fruitless strifes and wars will pass a away and the most great peace shall come, so shall it be”

Dominique Sylvester singing about inner peace:

When a thought of war comes, oppose it by a stronger thought of peace, a thought of hatred must be destroyed by a more powerful thought of love!”

Hailey Fudu sings:

Oh son of Being, thy heart is my home. Sanctify it for my descent. Thy spirit my place of revelation, cleanse it for my manifestation… thy heart is my home.”

Then an instrumental piece by Lukasz Staszak in the Drakensburg mountains, followed by the lovely Dani Nieuwoudt who advises us to:

Stop trying, stop meaning to try, just be… oooh so many things that you could do, it’s true, don’t you realise how beautiful you are just being you!”

Then an unforgettable concert, Matthew Mole singing:

Take away this fear and I’ll turn it into something I can use, and if I’m clear then you’re never gonna bring me down again, never gonna bring me down again. And if you would let me try a little harder then I’ll show you, we were made to play a part so much than you thought, until the end.”

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Ancestral Legacies



During cooking time in the communal kitchen at Bulungula Backpacker we made a friend, Mbali Marais, and Jasmine made fast friends with her impish companion, little Sepinkosi. We told her our story and she told us hers, and she offered to do a healing ceremony for us, at the place where the river flows out into the ocean. It was kind of a letting go of the wounds, letting go of the pain and grief after our baby boy, Rohan’s passing, and speaking to him, and speaking to all our ancestors. Mbali explains about the Ancestral Legacies, the primordial wound oscillating down the generations.


“We Believe” by Double Dragonz



One Saturday while we were still at Bulungula, we saw this group of youngsters with ze Germans, Paul and Mauritz, and herd them spitting verses in the store room. So I myself to them and offered to produce a song and music video for them, and they came to see me a little later, and I checked my laptop for a beat that they liked, and then they practised a little while I set up, and we came up with a chorus together, based on what their rap was about, and then we recorded vocals in about an hour – they were very well rehearsed. Then we went around the village recording video in a few locations. This took about an hour, and then i went back to our rondavel and worked through the night and by the next afternoon it was done and they all came back to Bulungula to see it, and they were blown away! They loved it! It was so much fun, and such a pleasure to bring so much joy to these young poets. “I believe, you believe, we believe, in me!” by Killer Masterz and Double Dragons

We were really inspired by Mo and Paul, two German youth, who spent there gap-year volunteer teaching at the local primary school, in Elliotdale, facilitated by the Bulungula Incubator and village. We were also inspired by founders of Bulungula Backpacker, Dave and his wife, and the amazing gift they have given to the village, and the excellent management of the place by the local people, who have pulled together to offer a unique travel cultural experience.

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Reprocessing Traumatic Memories



Reprocessing Traumatic Memories

with Anna Nieuwenhuis

at Bulungula Backpackers, E-Cape, South Africa

Towards the end our stay, we met two lovely, friendly Dutch ladies who were touring South Africa, and during cooking time in the communal kitchen, we became friends and discussed recipes for adventure and healing. Jill was very talkative and musical, Anna was more quiet and I assumed that she didn’t speak much English, but when I discovered that she was a Psychologist, I persuaded her to talk a bit on camera, and I was surprised by how articulate and knowledgable she was about the subject nearest and dearest my own heart, how to heal from trauma. I love how she talks about reprocessing memories to remove the intense emotional charge from them, I love how she talks about everything to do with trauma; the effects, the symptoms, and the healing process and treatment!